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An All-American Classic Slow Cooker Meatloaf

I'd love to know how this meatloaf dish turned out for you. Do leave a comment below to share your experience and rate the recipe too. Who knows you might include this in your Thanksgiving menu. Happy slow cooking!   A very big thank you to

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Slow-cooked Turkey With Berry Compote

I know it may seem difficult to find the some of the fruits, so you can use frozen fruit when fresh is out of season. So worry not if you think you can't make this dish during other seasons. Happy slow cooking!   A very big thank you to for this...

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Luscious And Easy Slow Cooker Cranberry Sauce

This can be a special treat you can serve for Thanksgiving as well. Both kids and kids at heart will love this sauce. But if you have kids around, you might as well mellow down with the wine or any alcohol. Also, the sauce will thicken considerably as it cools. So...

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Crock Pot Cranberry Pecan Stuffing

You will have to share with me what you think about this after trying it. I would love to know how it turned out for you. Don't forget to leave a comment below and rate this recipe too. Happy slow cooking!   A big thank you to for this amazing...

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Slow Cooker Jalapeño Popper White Bean Chili

You will for sure forget that the nights are starting to get chilly with this warm chili recipe. And if you do end up liking them, then forget to comment your thoughts below and rate the recipe. Happy slow cooking and enjoy the dish!   A very huge thank you to...

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Slow Cooker Butterfinger Hot Chocolate

Well, since I am very adventurous with what we prepare in the kitchen, I also tried different candy bars just to know which one is the best. I am still on the 3rd candy bar on our list. I will be sure to post an updated about this once we have made the final verdict....

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