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Easy slow-cooking recipes. For aficionados.

We create and curate the best of the best in slow cooking. From crock pot recipes to slow cook oven recipes and more.

Slow cooking recipes by Lazy Oven

To simply say “we love cooking” would be a serious understatement.

Lazy Oven was started in 2015 by Angela, an avid food lover and adventurous home cook.

Not just an ordinary home-cook, she is a chef and aficionado that’s crazy about slow cooker recipes and sharing the best slow-cooking recipes

After all, a dish that’s worth it takes time and a lot of love. We aim to embody that love with each recipe we share. From crockpot recipes to slow-cook oven recipes, video tips and easy step-by-step Lazy Oven recipes.

We hope that you enjoy and that you share it with your loved ones, family, friends, and collegues alike — we all enjoy delicious and easy slow-cooked recipes!

A dish that’s worth it takes time. And love.

A lot of time and love.