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We create and curate the best of the best in slow cooking. From crock pot recipes to slow cook oven recipes and more. We hope you and your family enjoy the 480+ Lazy Oven recipes!

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Simple And Classy Poached Salmon Recipe

A sophisticated touch on your salmon using a slow cooker. Any cook or chef dreams of making something worth to be featured or served in a restaurant. And if you love slow cookers or crock pots, then you definitely have tons of recipes up your sleeves that you would...

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Remarkably Easy Green Lentil Curry Recipe

Eat all you want with this delish and healthy slow cooker vegetable meal. Here’s another healthy slow cooker vegetable meal to try out. I just adore the scent and flavor of curry. And yes it is a really perfect ingredient for chicken but it could also be a great add...

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Slow Cooker Pineapple Salsa Chicken Recipe

Put a fascinating twist on the original taco fillings that you usually have. I LOVE salsas! I even love them more especially on tacos. But it also is the best partner for chips on a lazy day in front of the TV with a really good movie. Bottled salsa you buy in the...

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Lip Smacking Slow Cooker Kalua Pig Recipe

Satisfy your craving for pork with this delicious slow cooker pork recipe. Time is usually the enemy if you want to prepare something scrumptious even a day before you eat it. We all want something that will be less work but won’t have to sacrifice the taste. Waiting...

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25 Of The Most Popular Crock Pot Dishes Ever!

The internet’s most sought after crock pot recipes. The internet has proven to be a really good aid when it comes to things we need to have or know without having to leave the comfort of our own homes. For home cooks and even chefs, the internet has been a great...

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The Classic Yet Mouth-Watering Ratatouille

Even the simplest of dishes can be a burst of flavors when we recall the past and how delicious they could be compared to all the new fusion dishes we have now. One example of this is the classic Ratatouille. Resource:,,...

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