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Lip Smacking Slow Cooker Kalua Pig Recipe

Satisfy your craving for pork with this delicious slow cooker pork recipe.

Time is usually the enemy if you want to prepare something scrumptious even a day before you eat it. We all want something that will be less work but won’t have to sacrifice the taste. Waiting is all good, it’s the prep time and the number of things you need to do that makes it a drag for some people to try.

So this is definitely one of the easiest recipes you can ever do and the best part is you only need a few ingredients to complete it. To be exact, you only need 3-4 ingredients. How awesome could that be.

Now, check it out below.

Slow Cooker Kalua Pig Recipe

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5 pound Boston butt roast bone-in or out—it doesn’t matter)

3 slices of bacon

1½ tablespoons of Alaea Red Hawaiian Coarse Sea Salt (or ~1 tablespoon of Alaea Red Hawaiian Fine Sea Salt)

5 peeled garlic cloves (optional)

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