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Yummy And Crispy Slow Cooked Treats

A slow cooker snack that will kick off the -BER months.

The –BER months have officially started and I just can’t wait for all the holidays that we will be celebrating for the next couple of months. That goes especially for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year.

This has got me all giddy and excited as I am starting to preparing my menu list for those occasions. Well, on the side there are birthday and Halloween to prepare for as well. So I have a whole lot of preparing to do.

So to kick start my preparation, I thought of something for the kids first. Actually, this recipe is something my entire family really loves, not only the kids. I think that is what you get when you have a family who just can’t get enough of sweets and great tasting food.

I would usually have this on December but last year I had it for Halloween too. So basically, you can have this any time of the year. You can even store them for several and serve them to your kids on a late afternoon.

Check out the recipe below.

Slow Cooker Crispy Holiday Treats




10cups tiny marshmallows

6tablespoons butter, cut up

8cups crisp rice cereal

1cup dried cranberries

3/4cup chopped pistachio nuts



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