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Some Of The Most Frustrating Moments In Preparing And Eating Food

Annoying yet funny things that eventually happen in food.

Ok, so I just came across this video from Tastemade on Facebook ad I couldn’t help myself from giggling. From looking for food recipe videos, I ended up finding a video that clearly captured my frustration at some points in time while I prepare food or even while eating them.

I’m sure you will greatly relate to some if not all of them. Two of my favorites are when I use dips for my chips and putting condiments like mustard on a sandwich. Well, I’m sure that there are more moments aside from those given above.

Personally, one of the many frustrating moments I have not shown in the video is when I slice up onions for a recipe and I just end up crying. I know there are efficient ways to do so but when I am in a rush, I tend to forget to slice them up in such a way that I won’t end up crying. So what are your frustrating moments? Share them with me in the comments section below.

Watch the full video below and enjoy!

Frustrating Moments In Preparing And Eating Food