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Lazy Oven’s Guide To Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for Small Appliance Storage

If you’re a home chef like me then we all face one common challenge, how to store our growing collection of small kitchen appliances. From slow cookers and blenders to toasters and coffee machines, these tools, while essential, can sometimes crowd our countertops and drawers. But fear not! We’re here to offer some expert advice on optimizing your kitchen cabinets for small appliances. 

By the end of this article, you’ll be equipped with a range of kitchen appliances and cabinet ideas tailored for space-saving and aesthetics.

1. Designate Cabinet for Small Appliances 

Designate a specific kitchen cabinet for small appliances. This approach keeps things organized and ensures that your devices are always in one place. It’s the first step to decluttering your kitchen countertops!

2. Kitchen Appliance Countertop Storage

Have you heard of an “appliance garage”? These cute cabinets rest on your countertop and act like little hideaways for your daily use gadgets. It’s all about blending function with design.

3. Pull-Out Kitchen Appliances Cabinet:

These are perfect for those hard-to-reach spaces. With pull-out kitchen cabinets for small appliances, you get the advantage of sliding shelves, making accessibility a breeze. No more rummaging in the back of the cabinet!

4. Vertical Dividers in Kitchen Cabinets for Small Appliances:

Some appliances are tall and narrow, like blenders or even handheld mixers. Vertical dividers can be your best bet for these. They allow you to store your appliances upright, ensuring they don’t topple over.

5. Under-Cabinet Drawers:

Why not utilize the space under your cabinets? These drawers or racks are perfect for smaller items that you want within arm’s reach, proving that kitchen appliance countertop storage doesn’t always have to be ‘on’ the countertop.

6. Appliance Cabinet Ideas for Corner Spaces:

Those tricky corner cabinets can be a goldmine for appliance storage ideas. Incorporate a Lazy Susan or a specialized corner pull-out system. This way, you make the most of every inch of space.

7. Overhead Storage for Infrequently Used Items:

Have appliances you only use occasionally? The cabinets above your fridge or higher up on your walls can serve as the perfect kitchen cabinets for small appliances that aren’t in daily rotation.

8. Appliance Storage Ideas for Open Shelving:

While this might not be a ‘cabinet’ in the traditional sense, open shelves can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. They are especially useful if you have designer kitchen appliances that you’d love to show off.

9. Customized Drawers:

Consider customizing drawers with pegs or dividers tailored to fit your appliances. This small kitchen appliances storage cabinet idea ensures that each appliance has its snug spot, minimizing movement and potential damage.

Storing Small Appliances in a Pantry Cabinet: Yay or Nay?

small appliances in kitchen cabinet

The pantry, traditionally a haven for dry goods and canned items, has been seeing a revolution in modern homes. More and more homeowners are now considering the pantry as a potential storage space for their small kitchen appliances. But is it a wise decision? Let’s delve into it.


  • Clean Countertops: Your kitchen can breathe again by moving some gadgets to the pantry.
  • Optimal Use of Space: Got a spacious pantry? Let’s make it multifunctional!
  • Centralized Storage: Everything in one place can be such a relief.
  • Protection: Pantries can shield your appliances from the usual kitchen chaos.


  • Accessibility: You don’t want to trek to the pantry for your daily cup of coffee.
  • Ventilation: Some gadgets need to breathe after use. Ensure they’re cool and dry before storing.
  • Power Points: If you’re thinking of using appliances in the pantry, remember to check for outlets and ensure safety standards.
  • Organizing: We don’t want to swap countertop clutter for pantry chaos.
  • Critter-Free Zone: Ensure your pantry is sealed off from pests.

Final Words

With a bit of creativity and planning, you can transform your kitchen into a space that’s not just functional but also organized and pleasing to the eye. Remember, the ultimate goal is to have a harmonious space where everything has its place. With these appliance storage ideas, you’re well on your way to achieving just that!